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All examples assume:
  • You are in the jboost-VERSION directory
  • Your CLASSPATH environment variable is set appropriately. Directions for setting CLASSPATH.
  • The command jboost represents jboost.bat on windows machines.

Running Demos

We start by running JBoost on one of the demo files.

java jboost.controller.Controller -S demo/spambase

Getting Started

To have JBoost classify a train and test set and then output an ADTree.

java jboost.controller.Controller -S demo/spambase

Same as previously, but tell java to use 500 MB of memory. This switch is very useful for large datasets.

java -Xmx500M jboost.controller.Controller -S demo/spambase

Use LogitBoost (LogLossBoost) for 150 iterations.

java -Xmx500M jboost.controller.Controller -b LogLossBoost -numRounds 150 -S demo/spambase

Visualizing and Cross Validation

See the documentation section on visualizing results and cross validation.

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